Windows Server 2019 - System Properties - System Protection not activated

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on our Windows Server 2019 the "system protection" is not activated.


I tried several fixes (deleting regestry entries or changing configuration in gpeditor mentioned here


Nothing worked for me.


I'm using no third party antivirus-software - I'm using windows defender



Are there any other suggestions for help ...? Thankyou




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To activate system protection on Windows Server :
-Right click Start > System > Advanced System Settings > System Protection TAB
-And then create a manual restore point immediately. You can do that after activation only, because otherwise, as you can see above, the button is grayed out

This may help you,
Rachel Gomez
Hello Rachel,

Windows is activated !

However there is no "System Protection tab" at all (even NOT grayed out). There are only the tabs : Computername, Hardware, Advanced, Remote.

I read anywhere else, that this feature is not supported anymore in Windows Server 2019 !?