Windows Server 2019 System Insights

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Currently Microsoft is releasing preview versions of Windows Server 2019 to the public. In one of the latest Windows Server Insider Preview builds, Microsoft released a new feature called Windows Server System Insights. The Windows Sevrer 2019 System Insights capability is a machine learning or statistics model that analyzes system data to give insight into the functioning of your Windows Server deployment.

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Hi @Thomas Maurer ,


The logs of System Insight, where remain storage ? I don't see them in the event viewer, they help me with this doubt, thanks!






Hey @Deleted,

They are in their own event log - Applications and Service logs > Microsoft > Windows > System Insights > Admin

Details here:

Hi@Thomas Maurer, how are you?


I'm using System Insights (SI), but one custom SI doesn't have installing using powershell module. Looking for in the logs, I don't found any infomation relevant about powershell command: Add-InsightsCapability -Name "Frenet Capability17" -Library "D:\Deploy\Infra\infra_insigths\LAI.Infra.Insights.Source.dll" -Verbose -Debug


Add-InsightsCapability : System Insights failed to register one or more of data sources for capability 'Frenet
At line:1 char:1
+ Add-InsightsCapability -Name "Frenet Capability17" -Library "D:\Deplo ...
+ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
+ CategoryInfo : InvalidData: (Frenet Capability17:String) [Add-InsightsCapability], Exception
+ FullyQualifiedErrorId : SystemInsightsError,Microsoft.SystemInsights.Management.PowerShell.AddInsightsCapability


I need to know, where I do look for the Error Logs, when the logs aren't in ETW Microsoft/Windows/System-Insights.



Can you help me?


Best regards!

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