Windows Server 2019 Remote Desktop Session Host - Black Splash Screen

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Good day,

we have Terminal Server 2019 up and running and come across a "black splash screen" with some applications after which the RemoteApp was started. This window remains permanently on our Windows 10 client (20H2) Desktop.

TS Splash Screen 2.PNG
While researching the Internet, I came across two identical articles on TechNet:

RemoteApp RDS2019 - splash screens stuck on client (

Server 2019 RemoteApp Splash Screen Stuck - Microsoft Tech Community


Unfortunately, the suggested solutions do not help us any further. We have an ESX server running without a special graphics card and therefore cannot use RemoteFX. For testing I activated RemoteFX, then no “black” splash screen is displayed, but the actual content of the window, but the splash screen does not disappear.

With a Windows Server 2016 and with Windows Server 2022 (Insider Build) we don't have the problems.

Is there a hotfix / bugfix for the problem with Windows Server 2019?

Best regards!

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Try use a Windows 10 device and then open start and search for feedback and open the Feedback Hub app and report this issue and under category select the Windows Server. In case you have any log files and/or screenshot make sure include them in the submission form.

I have created a fedback in the Feedback Hub: