Windows server 2019 / Remote Desktop Gateway - cannot change port / Unable to set transport setting

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We have setup RDS 2019 with RD Gateway. When we tried to change default port number in RD Gateway manager - transport setting from 443 to something else. It is getting failed with error, "Unable to set transport setting". As per suggestion in other articles, We have executed below powershell command but no change observed in RD Gateway default port number.


Import-Module RemoteDesktop
Set-RDSessionCollectionConfiguration -CollectionName "YourCollection" -CustomRdpProperty "'


We have also changed the server and setup RD Connection broker, RD Web & RD Gateway on another server. But still it is getting failed with same error while changing RD Gateway port number.


Any suggestion.



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Do not Enter PowerShell command. First set the Port by going into the registry,


Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\TerminalServerGateway\Config\Core


Here you will have the opportunity to change the gateway port. Look for "HttpsPort" double click, and select Decimal and change port to whatever you like. After this is completed. Run the command you have through PowerShell.