Windows Server 2019 on eMMC devices

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Hi everyone,


I'm trying to install Windows Server 2019 in this device which has 32Gb of eMMC storage. 


The point is that I've tried multiple times to install the desktopless version (to save storage space) but despite it's installed I cannot boot it for a first time because I'm having a blue screen saying 'INACCESSIBLE BOOT DEVICE' so I guess there must be some kind of problem with the storage device. 


However the manufacturer is not providing device drivers apparently, so what could I do to run Windows Server on this machine? 

Thank you very much.

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I wasn't able to find it here.

Windows Server Catalog

you may need to get in touch with the manufacturer to see if they intend to write drivers and certify their hardware for Server 2019




Yes, I know that the manufacturer doesn't officially support Windows Server, so I guess that's the problem. However I have been able to install Windows Server 2019 Essentials and seems to be working properly, I'm now wondering why the standard version didn't boot.

Anyway, thank you for the info.

Installing an unsupported operating system leaves the testing / vetting of all components to the end user to do. Unexpected results should be expected. In the end you may succeed, but the result is still an unsupportable system.