Windows Server 2019 Core Remote Firewall Administration via MMC

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Howdy all!

I have tried very hard to find an answer to this out here before creating a new post, so apologies I'm recreating an already spun wheel. Simple question, though -


I'm in the process of migrating all services across the operation from core installs of Windows Server 2016 to core installs of Windows Server 2019. I long ago scripted out firewall configurations for each server role using NETSH ADVFIREWALL and all of that is good, no problems. I can connect to these core versions of Windows Server 2016 to visually audit or quickly toggle unrelated rules on or off in mass using the MMC firewall tool but I've thus far been unable to do so for the new core Windows Server 2019 servers.



I know there are numerous commands vis netsh or PowerShell or GPO, many of which I'm using so I'm not entirely in the dark or unable to manage these, but I'm wondering if the MMC is now entirely unsupported/incompatible, or if there is some configuration option I've not toggled which sorts the MMC error I am seeing. I imagine Windows Admin Center is the next logical answer though I do not have a working gateway service. Anywho - I have a bunch of boxes now and am really missing the MMC if someone could provide an answer or verification.  Thanks!





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You might try clearing out the cache







I can confirm that I am seeing the same issue under Windows 10 2004 against Server 2019 core.


NOTE: Have two Windows 10 2004 devices (1 clean install and 1 upgrade from 1909)


Update : I've found I can use MMC to remotely bulk manage or visually audit firewall rules against Windows Server 2019 core VMs but only when run from an existing Windows Server 2016 box which happens to be installed full GUI itself. That has been getting me by, and suggests that the MMC option isn't incompatible with Server 2019, though I've as yet not discovered any solution to the errors when attempting to do this same administration from a Windows 10 client.

@Dave Patrick 

I thought I had replied to this a long time ago - My bad!
Thanks for the suggestion and it was definitely something I hadn't thought to try myself.  Doesn't seem to have made any difference in the MMC crashes or errors however.  At least some of the snap-ins work though some crash and others seem kind of wonky.

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Might also try from windows admin center.


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Thanks for the info about using a full GUI server.  I have also noticed that Fail Over Cluster MMC on Windows 10 2004 doesn't work against Windows 2016 cluster.

@Dave Patrick I just got my WAC gateway up and running around a month ago and have been prodding at migrating management functions as I get accustomed to using it - I'm definitely aware that the MMC paradigm is long outmoded.  I guess old habits die hard!  Thanks for the link.

@egpd_smoede The firewall MMC isn't the only one I've found to be wonky from a desktop client, though for the most part they seem to still be functional. I'm working on sorting out methods to recreate these processes I have via the Windows Admin Center so with any luck I'll eventually move mostly away from the MMC tools I've curated over the years before things really start to break.

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Might also try from windows admin center.


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