Windows Server 2019 CNAMEs

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Hello. I am working on a networking project for my capstone course and need some clarification. So...right now I am setting up the DNS in server 2019 and I am wondering how CNAMEs play a role in the functionality. Are CNAMEs required? We currently have no sub-domains so I am trying to understand if CNAMEs are necessary and if so, I need an example so I can have some clarity. Thanks to all who respond. Cheers!

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Not much to go on but generally DNS is an integrated part of active directory domain services and adding cnames is not required.




Just checking if there's any progress or updates?

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I'm working on a network project as well. If you already have all of your host records in forward lookups and pointers in reverse lookups, what else has to be configured for the DNS to work? What records are required?

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