Windows Server 2019 and .NET 4.8?

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On a fully updated Windows Server 2019, roles and features allow me to install only .NET 4.7.


One of the solution we are using require .NET 4.8 (Adaxes).


When I install .NET 4.8 using the installer available here


It works, I can install Adaxes, but it break ServerManager as well as Azure AD Connect.


What's the correct procedure to install .NET 4.8 on Server 2019 without breaking anything else?


Thanks a lot

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offline installer for 4.8 works fine, but the offline installer for 4.8.1 says it's not supported. It's an old app, I'll just stick to 4.8.

i follow the instruction but in my account this happen,I can't import @DavidSherrill 

I created a MS Tech account just to THANK YOU! Woke up this morning and all my programs broke! My .NET went haywire! Nothing worked. I thought I would randomly try this and to my surprise it worked!

Very very very big thank you to you! :D <33
Did not work for me.
Cannot import All Files .reg The key selected is invalid