Windows Server 2016 February Cumulative Update (KB5022838) Causes SQL 2017 Connection Issues

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We have patched our Windows Server 2016 servers with SQL 2017 on it and found that after the patch the SQL server was not accessible after the patch.


SQL remote connection could not find the SQL server.


SQL server could be accessed locally.


Remote connections were turned on in addition to the network adapters, so there wasn’t a settings issue that we could find.  We attempted to toggle those settings  (i.e.; turned the settings off and then on again) to see if they were in a weird state.


We attempted to uninstall the 2017 SQL Server Security patch.  That yielded no affect.


We then attempted to uninstall the 2016 Server Cumulative Update. Upon the following check, the SQL server was working as expected so we are assuming that uninstalling the Cumulative Update is what fixed it.


We checked Firewall rules and everything is working the way it should an SQL is allowed through the firewall as it was before patching.


Has anyone else seen this in the wild or is it just us?

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Do you have access to a Windows 10 or Windows 11 device?
If yes, open the Feedback Hub app and select Windows Server and report this issue.
Did you installed the latest update for the SQL Server?
Check Event Viewer and see if there is any relevant errors there.