Windows Server 2016 1607

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Hi there,


I trying to find out how I can upgrade Windows Server 2016 to the latest Feature update.

I cannot find anything on the internet. Also the Windows Update settings doesn't show any options related to feature updates, only defer updates, which is turned off.


Current build is 1607, which is not the latest. How can I upgrade without performing a re-install.

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Currently there are RTM versions 1607 and 1709. The latest build for 1607 is 14393.2214 which you can get by applying the latest cumulative update.

You cannot in-place upgrade to 1709, a clean install is necessary. Also note that v1709 is a core only version of Server 2016




Hello, Leon.

You should make sure which version you want: the Long-Term-Servicing version (with long support but not so fast on features) or the Semi-Annual Channel, which gets new features more quickly, but you need to keep on installing/ updating them frequently in order to be eligible for support. This latter version is in only "Core" version (no GUI). They're not interchangeable, like someone else mentioned in the thread.

Cheers. Emanuel


Thank you both for the reply. Still sounds a bit strange for me as Windows and Windows Server version were 'the same' before. But it's now clear :) 


Sounds good, you're welcome.




Cheers, Leon.

Hi there, Maybe this video might help you on how to upgrade your server- Maybe also visit here to get more help- Servers and storage help
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