Windows Indexing Stopps (new Items does not get indexed)

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Hello Microsoft Community!

In our company we run a simple Windows Server 2022 (DELL Poweredge 330 - specs below) with the fileserver role enabled. We do not have an AD and all clients have an network drive mapped. 
Unfortunately sinced we switched from the old to the new system (january 2023) our indexing service never worked as wished. Mainly new items created by our staff wont get indexed. Even if I delete and rebuild the index, it only index the item which are currently on the server, newer items wont get indexed. Excel file content doesn't get indexed at all.


We only use MS Word, Excel and Adobe PDF files. 


All updates have been done. 



Intel Xeon E-2314 CPU @ 2.80 GHz
32GB Ram
Windows Server 2022 Standard (Vers. 21H2 / OS build 20348.2322)

Thank you very much and best regards, Alessandro

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