Windows Hello for Business

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I was trying to enable the feature for our domain since we recently purchased laptops with fingerprint reader.


I found  the template but when enabling the windows hello for business it does not seem to do anything on our laptops. 


I still see it disabled. 


Is there anything I'm missing on the GPO?



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Hi @seyah96,


Could you create a registry record with Group Policy and apply the policy to the OU where the computers are?


Create New Policy and edit


Computer Configuration -> Preferences -> Windows Settings -> Right Click to Registry -> New -> Registry Item


Action : Create

Key Path : SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\System
Value name : AllowDomainPINLogon
Value type : REG_DWORD
Value data : 00000001

Base : Hexadecimal



I should create this reg entry along with enabling Windows hello for business under Administrative templates? Or just creating this reg entry will do?




Hi @seyah96,


I think it's just enough to create the reg key.


Could you tell me or send a snapshot what configurations are in the Administrative Template?



Here's what's under computer policy>admin templates>Windows Hello for Business 


The settings does not seem to work though 





Hi @seyah96,


Could you set all configurations here to "Not configured" and apply only the policy that create the Reg key?



Wow! That worked! 

Thank you! 


Hi @seyah96,


You're welcome. I'm so glad it worked :)