Windows Defender error 0x800106ba after DISM installation

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I am trying to enable Windows Defender (Microsoft Defender for Endpoints) on Windows Server 2019 Standard Edition.


I use the Deployment Image Servicing and Management (DISM). Then check the results, but the results always give error  0x800106ba and in the M365 admin portal I see the server, but the device health status is blank/unknown. 


This server previously had a different anti-virus on it, and all steps to uninstall and de-provision that product have been done.  In fact, that uninstall and de-provision works for Windows Server 2012r2 clients with Windows Defender assuming the anti-virus role and updating in the M365 Defender portal. But something is different about Windows Server 2019. 


My question is, what is Windows Defender checking (registry key for example) that tells it to throw the 0x800106BA error?  Can I manually tell Windows Defender that it is the boss, the old boss is gone?



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