Windows Cannot find Microsoft software license terms - During Server 2016 install

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I am getting the following error when trying to install Server 2016 Standard. Any idea of the fix?


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If you are using VirtualBox, make sure you click on the skip unattended install checkbox.

@Nigel Goodchild  Your solution has worked for me on my VMware workstation. (Windows Server 2019)




@Dave Patrick thanks for the idea about disabling the floppy disk! Once I did that the install of Windows 2022 proceeded without issue, even with the Easy Install.

Glad to hear, please don't forget to vote it!
removing floppy drive helped me as well. thank you !
Removing the virtual flobby worked out the problem ^_^
I was experiencing the same error today, February 5, 2024. The reason why I got the error with VMware Workstation Pro is that I decided to install the OS in the wizard as I was creating the virtual machine. I deleted the VM due to the error, created a new VM, and chose to install OS later, and when I did the OS installation, it worked like a charm. Thank you for your help @Dave Patrick
I experienced this issue in VirtualBox 7.0.12r159484. Indeed removing the floppy disk resolved the problem, allowing me to install Windows Server 2022 without any further issues

Hi Dave,

 I tried what wrote below and now I get this message. Any ideas?






@Dave Patrick