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We would like to migrate from Windows 2008 R2 File Server to Windows 2016 Server (Version 1607 OS Build 14393.2363).

Now we recognized that there must be a new limitation on the path length in Windows 2016 Server.

On the Windows 2008 Server we could access path longer than 260 characters whitout any problem. (Shared folder over the network or on the server with explorer. )

We enabled the GPO Setting : "Enable Win32 long paths" - without success. 

Is there a workaround or is it impossible to move data with long path without substitute the path with shortnames ?


 Any kind of help is highly appreciated

Thanks in advance!



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Thanks for the rrply.
We have a mixed environment witj Windows 7/10 Clients.
Now we like to migrate our Fileserver W2K8 R2 to W2k16 . When we copied the filestructure 1:1 to a Winows216 Server: The Windows 10 Clients see and access Filepaths deeper 256 chars but not create/modify files in that path. Window 7 can't see files deeper 256 chars.
With the old fileserver 2k8R2 we had not this Problem. Why? What has changed ? What is the recommended procedure to migrate a fileserver ! could someone help?
Thanks in advance.

I'd review the settings on the client. Also for the windows 7 clients this one might help.






Found the Solution here:


Have to activate shortnames on tthe server on the apropriate volume:

fsutil 8dot3name set d: 0


After  i copied the Data again from the Source Fileserver, everything works as expected with all the Windows Clients! 

Thanks To all for your help!

I suggest you try Long path tool is the very good
program for easily delete, copy & rename long path
files, error, unlock solution.
Try it and solve your problem.

@Dave Patrick  Windows 8 is now replaced with Windows 10, But all still work the same. Just minor fixing.

@Silvan Diem  This is precise use case for the Path Too Long Auto Fixer tool I built, it's the st tool that discovers, reports and auto corrects filenames and paths that are too long to fit under the MAXPATH 260 character limit.


This is similar to what I saw Earlier on on. I support Your Stand.