Windows 2012R2. Because of a protocol error this session will be disconnected.

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Hi, I apologize for my english. We have a Windows2012R2 Terminal Server Farm.

The farm have: 5 RDHost Servers, 1 RDLicensing Server, 1 RDGateway Server. They are configure with RDConection broker (High Availavility Mode). The users use RDwebAccess to login to terminal services and use rdwebapp. Since few mounth some usrs have reported that they can not access to terminal server at the first try. They recieve a Protocol Error (ProtocolError.png) four time or more until they finally can connect. Sometimes, after the first Protocol Error, they receive another message that indicate the remote desktop services is currently busy (RemotedesktopBusy.png). Usually after several attempts, they can connect. Our users use Windows 10 Pro, and Windows 7 Pro. The error appear independently of the Client Windows Version and independently of the application that they try to open. Sometimes i proved changing the username and the connection was successful. But when tried with the original user the error comes back.

I used the remotedesktop diag tool and nothing seems to be wrong configured. I will appreciate if someone could help us.

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Hi, Please follow the below steps:


1.Please launch the application within the RD gateway server to know whether you are able to open the application successfully.

2. Try to disable the Network level authentication on the RD session host and give a try, you can enable back after the confirmation.

3.Make sure you are able to resolve the RDsessionhost name via nslookup.