Windows 11 ADMX and mixed enviorement (win 10 and win 11)

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I hope you are well, I still have the doubt if the windows 11 ADMX are already compatible with windows 10.

I noticed that my power GPOs, administrator permissions and remote desktop enablement were not being applied on windows 11 computers but were on windows 10.

I started reading and found that there were new ADMX for windows 11 but they were not backward compatible with windows 10 and this makes administration a nightmare.

Finally this was solved? I can quietly apply the new templates for windows 11 without them not working for windows 10?
I am afraid to make the change and generate chaos.


I remain attentive,
Greetings to all!

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I'm wondering the same thing. Did you happen to find the answer elsewhere? I found a lot of information but all of it is at least a year old, so this makes me think this is still an issue.