Windows 10 v1709 bug with multiple user accounts

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I'm running into an odd thing with WIndows 10 version 1709 and only version 1709.  I have a couple other people on the Spiceworks community that have the issue also.  Most of our company is on v1703 with about 10 computers testing v1709 (Fall Creators Update). These computers are connected to a domain (2008 r2 domain controller).  When multiple users are logged onto a single computer with v1709 and it sits idle for 15 minutes, we have a group policy that locks the computer after 15 minutes of inactivity.  When a user goes back and clicks on their user account -> types in password (I verified its correct) it will say "account is locked out".  After they trying logging in 3 times it locks out a different user on that computer that is logged in.  Active directory shows the original user isn't  locked out but the other "logged in" account is locked out. Also, If you hit "other user" when trying to log in, you can sign in fine that way, but not by clicking on your own account.  After a reboot, you can login fine, but will act up again after so long. This only happens on Windows 10 v1709.  I'm pretty sure there has to be a bad windows update... possibly KB4074588. Has anyone else ran into this issue with Windows 10 v1709?

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