Window server 2019 essentials Freezes due to Antivirus

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I am running windows server 2019 essentials evaluation edition (I wanted to try it out for 3 months at least before putchasing the license). We have one server which is also the File server, AD, DHCP server and DNS server. I have quickbooks 2014 and 2020 Database service in this server too. I have 12 workstaions and Users in the Domain. Network speed is 1G.



Dell Optiplex 7070 i7 8-core processor, 3TB HDD, 16GB RAM.



The server freezes when i install and use Quickheal Server edition Antivirus software. While going through the resource monitor, i noticed that during freezes, deferred procedure calls and interrupt server routines takes up about 21% of CPU usage and above 130% maximum frequency. while working fine my CPU utilization is usually below 10% and below 100% maximum frequency. 


During these freezes, Users are unable to access shared files and obviously quickbook aborts. As an administrator i can only access the server via remote desktop since the local server becomes totally unresponsive.


Is there a way to tune my server to work optimally with quickheal (or any other antivirus) without these freezes?

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