Window Server 2012 Hard Drive Allocation

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Hello World!.


Good day, I'm currently working on a server for a medium scale business with 30 - 40 user user. I use Window Server 2012. Its my first time to setup window server from the scratch. 


Currently we plan to buy Intel® Xeon® Silver 4210 Processor.


My plan is that. i will buy 2x (500GB with 15 rpm) and do a mirror raid for my OS (c:) and buy 2x TB with 7.2 rpm hard drive for the main storage (d:) and have it in a mirror raid. And my backup will be a NAS setup.


Is this a best way to set my hard drive for specific purposes? Hope you can help me with this. Thank you

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What you proposed should be fine. You can also vet the components (supportability) here and with manufacturer.