Win Server 2019 as VirtualMachine repeatedly goes B-S-O-Ds and immediately reboots

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I run Windows Server 2019 Essentials on Virtual Box 6.1.30 for 3 years without problems.

For about a month now it is often crashing with B - S - O - D and immediately rebooting, I only see a message that Windows was not shutdown correctly when I login from time to time.

The Virtual Box logs as B - S - O - D error codes

P0=0x3b P1=0xc0000005 P2=0xfffff80202a72bd2 P3=0xffff8b8978986b50 P4=0x0


P0=0x1e P1=0xffffffffc0000005 P2=0xfffff8001a30899a P3=0x0 P4=0xffffffffffffffff


Any ideas?




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Does it happen after you installed a update?
If you have access to a PC running Windows 10 or Windows 11, open the Feedback Hub app and select bug report and then select Windows Server and report this issue and attach dump files there.
Did you install any program before the problem started?

@Reza_AmeriThank you for your reply.

No updates or installations besides windows security updates.

I did what you suggested with the feedback hub and hope this brings more than the windows internal help and analysing tools (i.e. more than nothing at all....)


Any other ideas, does anybody understand the BSOD stop codes I provided?

When there is a BSOD, it creates a dump file and you could analyze it using WinDbg.
Because this is a public forum, due to privacy reason, we won't recommend to share dump files here.
But if you want analyze them, have a look at:
Thank you, I'll checkout this, thanks for all your help!
Welcome, reading and analyzing BSOD is not difficult and I believe you could easily check dump files using WinDbg.