Win 2012 R2 Need help! Lost RDP connections permanently after sharing a folder.

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Dear All,


I need help as I have run in quite a serious issue with RDP access to my two servers. I wanted to share a folder on two Windows 2012 R2 Servers in order for my partner being able to upload files to it.

I used the Properties->Sharing option. Right after clicking the SHARE button I lost the connection to my first server, and then tried the same on another one - the same story! RDP connection lost exactly in a moment of clicking Share.

Now when trying to connect to those servers by mstsc I am getting Configuring remote session message and it disconnects after 1 minute.

Console login to servers possible. Servers rebooted - still same issue. The folder which I attempted to share are now now shared anymore and deleted, but the issue persists.

Can't find much in the event logs. The remote desktop service and other related services are all running.

Any idea why my attempt to share a folder caused such a big issue with RDP?

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Might try PowerShell from both source and target.


Test-NetConnection -ComputerName "" -CommonTCPPort "RDP" -InformationLevel "Detailed"