will MSMQ be supported inside a windows container?

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will MSMQ  be supported inside a windows container?

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Not today. We have received this ask from a number of customers and are evaluating what we can do in the future releases of Windows Server. There are some technology huddles to support it E2E. Can you share a bit more details on what your use cases are and what's the impact today without MSMQ support? It'll help us prioritize.
Well, for us the main benefit of MSMQ is the machine local buffer if the remote target is unavailable for some reason. Have yet to find a library that replicates that feature. But not obvious how that would work in a container...
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Robert and all,


In the latest Server Insider build, MSMQ now can install on a Server Core container. Please go ahead and give it try. Let us know if this works for your use case. Thanks.


Here is the Server Core container insider build:


Here is a blog related to this fix and other ones: