Where can i find microsoft catalog of products with part numbers?

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I'm looking for a catalog with part numbers about windows server versions and products associated. I saw a code for Windows Server 2022 Standard like AAA-90060

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May need to reach out to the seller for specifics like this. Server 2022 is offered in three flavors; Standard and DataCenter, also an OEM-only product is Essentials.    

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@Dave Patrick 

I saw this page early but even these doesn't show me references I'm looking for. For example: to differentiate Windows server standard 2022 licenses sold in 2-core-pack and 16-core-pack as I may guess are identified by specific part numbers.

Each vendor or seller may utilize different product codes. The basics are that when you contact the seller; you'll tell them the core count of the server you're licensing and they'll attach that core count to a product key for you to use for product activation.    



@DavidBorges81 just checking if there's any progress or updates? please don't forget to mark helpful replies.   



Hi @Dave Patrick,

I saw other sites which indicate relevant information on part numbers like this post. https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/answers/questions/473956/difference-betn-r18-05767-winsvrcal-2019-... and these vendors:



This may imply that these are references given by MS itself. So I'm still trying to find these information from MS sources.

Sounds good, you could reach out here.    

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