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Where are the "new graphics acceleration options for virtualized environments"?

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Where are the "new graphics acceleration options for virtualized environments"?


Your article promises new graphics acceleration options to replace Remotefx.  Where are they?  Discrete Device Assignment is not an option for us as the hardware needed to run this is in excess of $20,000 per server and then there are additional per user licensing costs on top of that from the GPU vendor.  We were successfully running hyper-v vms with remote desktop session host on Server 2016 and they were running RemoteFX.  Now we have Server 2019 and you have deprecated RemoteFX without providing any valid solutions or replacements.  We need a work around so we can run RemoteFX on Server 2019 and on our RDSH vms.  Please advise.


Also, we have built a hosting solution around RDSH and have many clients using it now.  We didn't know that Microsoft was going to pull RemoteFX out of Server 2019 and we built that so that the users would have a Windows 10 like experience.  Users had no performance issues when we had RemoteFX and now with Server 2019 they frequently complain about the poor graphics performance.  I don't understand the reasoning behind the upgrade to 2019 with a downgrade in performance.  From where I'm standing it looks like Microsoft and NVida are together in this to make money since they left and other RDSH customers us with no reasonably priced options and poor performance.

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