WHEA-Logger ID 47

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I have a problem with my Windows Server 2012 R2.
For some time in logs there is a lot of lines about:

WHEA-Logger ID 47

„Fixed hardware error has occurred”

Part: Memory

source of the error: Revised memory check

ErrorSource 1
FRUId {00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000}
ValidBits 0x0
ErrorStatus 0x0
PhysicalAddress 0x0
PhysicalAddressMask 0x0
Node 0x0
Card 0x0
Module 0x0
Bank 0x0
Device 0x0
Row 0x0
Column 0x0
BitPosition 0x0
RequesterId 0x0
ResponderId 0x0
TargetId 0x0
ErrorType 0
Length 873

Error is occuring every second. Memory was not replaced.
Memtest shows no errors. How can I fix the issue. Should I replace the memory?


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Advisory: (Revision) HP ProLiant Servers - Windows WHEA Logger Logs Frequent Event ID 47 Error and Linux Logs MCE Error With Intel Xeon E7 Family Processors Installed


Is this the case perhaps?
Yes, but i have Xeon E5 and I don't know, can I use this solution in my case. I will try it.

Did it work?
Unfortunately no, still the same. I will try replace RAM.
Too bad, hope the error is gone then.. No amber light on the frontpanel or led indicator inside the server?