What is the maximum size in single drive i can create with 2016 server?

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In my project i need to create single drive with 350 TB for indigo vision video library.   

i added  350 TB through iscsi (netApp storage) but that dive i cant format!!!!


is there any solution?

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It depends on the filesystem you are using. For NTFS the maximum volume and file size is 256TB. For ReFS it is 35PB. So to format your 350TB "disk" you need to use ReFS or make 2 smaller partitions on the disk and format with NTFS.


Some additional info if you plan on using NTFS: make sure to use 64kb cluster size and a large file-record-segment. To accomplish this, format in powershell with:

Format-Volume -DriveLetter X -FileSystem NTFS -UseLargeFRS -AllocationUnitSize 64kb