WDS PXE boot fail with 0xc000023

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I have set up a WDS server based on Windows 2016 to deploy Windows 10 on UEFI devices. (we used to have a Windows 2008 R2 which worked well with BIOS devices).


When I test the PXE boot it fails, on screen it says:

Windows Deployment Services (Server IP:

Windows Deployment Services encountered an error:

Error Code 0xc0000023


During the boot it seems fine:

Start PXE over IPv4

Station IP address is 10.x.x.x (I checked the IP is correct in DHCP)

Server IP address is 10.x.x.x. (The correct IP for the WDS server)

NBP filename is boot\X64\wdsmgfw.efi

NBP filesize is 1054616 Bytes

Downloading NBP file...


2 seconds after this the screen changes to the above error


On the WDS server 2 events are created in operational log, nothing in Admin:


Event ID: 57348

A Non-Shared buffer was created for reading file D:\RemoteInstall\boot\X64\wdsmgfw.efi.


Event ID: 4099

The Following Client started TFTP Download:

Client IP:
Filename: boot\X64\wdsmgfw.efi
File Size: 1054616
Client Port: 53089
Server Port: 62532
Variable Window: false


In the application log 8 events are logged:

7 x Event 1305 (information)

Combined BCD file x86{20DF25CC-2591-4A4F-B88B-918B818B1616}.bcd generated successfully for the x86 architecture.

Combined BCD file x64{BDB1C413-856F-4DF8-BA1C-C694F9AFF9AE}.bcd generated successfully for the x64 architecture.

Combined BCD file ia64{BE76E7F5-FBEE-407E-BADB-AFA29ED1FA38}.bcd generated successfully for the ia64 architecture.

Combined BCD file x86x64{BBD1B0F0-2336-4B7B-B638-607605AB366B}.bcd generated successfully for the x86x64 architecture.

Combined BCD file arm{E37A6027-55EC-4237-883C-2C171F83C31F}.bcd generated successfully for the arm architecture.

Combined BCD file x86uefi{A742BB71-6AC2-4AA9-8137-8845B2B87BD7}.bcd generated successfully for the x86uefi architecture.

Combined BCD file x64uefi{2707BF3A-1C82-4EF6-93B2-8D69BA02AD5F}.bcd generated successfully for the x64uefi architecture.


Event 1284 (Error):

An error occurred while trying to create the directory for the architecture.

Error Information: 0x3


I have played around with TFTP max block size settings and the variable window extension, but it changes nothing.


The DHCP options 66 and 67 is used, and they must work as server IP and filename is correct.


I goggled the problem, but found no answers to my problem.

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@Leif Mathiesen 

Any news? Were you able to solve the problem? For days I have been searching for the cause of the described scenario.

I had this same issue last week. I found that adding the WDS server's IP to my DHCP relay list resolved the issue.


The server and client are on different subnets. Testing on the same subnet didn't require the DHCP relay config.