WDS for deploying a custom wim almost no touch

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Here's what I currently have:

A custom wim that was captured with DISM on Hyper V. Obviously this leaves me without an install and boot wim.

A Windows PE boot drive. This has an edited startnet.cmd in the sources/boot.wim to run scripts that formats the drive and applies the image automatically.

Windows Configuration Designer files on the root of the flash drive. This means once the image is applied after the machine reboots that I automatically get WiFi added, the computer named, and using a bulk token it joins my Azure AD.

So my question is can I use Server 2016 with WDS to PXE boot and apply my custom WIM and still have a PE boot automatically format the drive and apply the image, and still apply the WCD ppkg on reboot? I set up WDS once with the regular boot and install wims from a Windows install ISO and was able to PXE boot a computer and install regular Win 10, I just couldn't figure out getting PE and all my custom stuff on there and still PXE boot. Any advice would be appreciated!
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