W2K19 server - remoteapps issue

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Hello everyone,


I got a good for you all...


We have one windows 10 v1909 workstation that is unable to connect back into remoteapps after the user logs off the workstation. It will work on the first login to the workstation, once the user logs off it is unable to connect back again. Nor is it able to remote desktop to the server (it is able to remote desktop to any other server in the office).  We can get an "internal error has occured" msg .


No other workstations in the office is having this issue. We have enough TS licenses in license manager with an extra 4 licenses to spare. We've disconnected the TS sessions, checked the event logs (which shows authentication is successful for that workstation), restarted remote deskop services on the server.


The only fix we have now is to reboot the server. Then the workstation is able to connect until the user logs off from it. (which we informed then to not to at the moment) When it is working, we can close out of remote apps, go back into it without an issue.


Also Installed the latest updates on the windows 10 -  didnt help. 


Unfortunately we do not have a windows restore point to fall back on.


I included a screenshot of the error.


Any help is appreciated.





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If this is a domain joined desktop, you may have a corrupted GPO. You may need to perform a domain removal, clean not the GPO settings, then re-join desktop to domain.

@RADCOEThanks for the reply


Yes the machine is joined to the domain - disjoin - rejoin did not work.


We tried all the suggested fixes in the link as well.