VM's are not pingable/traceble from Hyper-V host (and vice versa)

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I have a fresh installation of 2019 Datacenter Hyper-V host (member of domain) with two VMs (all members of the same domain). The host has static IP, one VM has static IP the other DHCP (all have same GW, mask and DNS servers)


My problem is that the VM's are not pingable or traceable from the host (or vice versa) and the problem exists from day 1


The same host and VMs are fully accessible and pingable from other PCs or servers on the same domain/network  so the issue is clearly between the host and the VMs


The host has four physical NICs and all of them are members of the same NIC team

Both VMs are on the same Hyper-V vSwitch (external) and the vSwitch is connected to the team above

Windows firewall is disabled by domain GPO on all devices











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