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The idea is:

My company want to apply server/servers for our customers to work remotely. With full real time backup to other machine that is located in diferent building with diferent internet provider. 

For example:

Our 5 customers work on some programs more or less demand/complicated.

They have to connect to server/virtual machine with whatever windows server version through RDP. Lets say 1 customer have 5 workers and second customer have 20 workers. They cannot have access to each others (customer 1 to customer 2).

For me this is not complicated because i can use every virtualization program that is available, and just use windows server with required ammount of rdp licenses, but the problem for me is:

All system need to have real time clone machine, if first one dies the second one immediately takes control on everythink that was located on first one (databases, files, programs with the same version, etc). Second problem is: if they work through rdp, they basically connect via public ip, for now for single connections to windows 10 pro/ win serv 2016 standard we just use port forwarding on router or open-vpn with server located in our office if client is not able to buy static public ip. So when client connect to lets say public ip which point to server 1, and server 1 is down he need to connect to, but for this he need to reconfigure RDP, we want this to make automatically (unless there is better option?)

Now customers have own servers but we want to migrate them to ours. 

All that aims at better management with customer software updates, troubleshooting, new implementations, remote work and whats the most important, real time backup and high availability. 


Can someone help with selection the best windows server version, programs and configuration?

And what the performance would look like, lets say working on excell/word/pdf/and some erp system.


Only option that i know is VMware vSphere but didn't tested it yet.

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Any help or ideas?
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You don't need to enable remote desktop connection and instead you may consider App-V and you may setup multiple servers with App-V and establish the connection , take a look at:
For the high availability you may take a look at:
Performance depends on your configuration and requirements.