Using GPO for printers on 2012 R2 RDWeb server

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I have 3 backed RDP servers where users seem to randomly get printers so I attempted to create a group and a GPO to add a default printer but it is not working. Any ideas?

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Need more details. Are you using traditional RDP where the users are getting a full desktop and interacting with that desktop? If so, is that the user environment that you are frying to control printers? Are the printers connected to the RDP servers, network accessible or local printers accessible from the RDP clients? Are the users signing into the RDP server with the same identity as they are using to sign into the client? Are you implementing roaming profiles? Are you using loopback processing? What RDP Local resources settings do you have on the servers, clients and user identities? Thanks Ed All of these need to be considered
Hi Lance what does "backed" mean, typo?

We definitely need more details on what "isn't working". But I'll make some assumptions based on your wording.

It's seems like your trying to target your policy to a group, so make sure your targeting criteria or gpo filtering is correct.

Also is your gpo using computer or user policies, this is crucial to understand and correct if needed, for the policy to apply.

Also treat your rdp server as a client workstation (as apposed to a "server") when it comes to gpo.

Also check your loopback processing policy as mentioned already by Ed.

Apologies it meant to say "backend" so the setup is 1 front end broker server and various back end application servers. The clients only log on using the published web apps so they never log on with a remote desktop session. How can I setup their default printers?