Use MBR2GPT on a non-system disk

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I am Trying to convert a MBR formatted Drive to GPT on an Azure server so I can expand the partition over 2tb

when using MBR2GPT.EXE I keep getting a error saying no OS found. The Disk in question is data Disk only and has no OS install on it


Is there a way to make MBR2GPT.EXE convert a Drive with no OS on it?

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@_Benjamin_ :smile:您可以试试gptgen工具,能够实现数据无损从mbr转换为gpt,是在github上的开源项目,但它是否能够在线实现分区类型转换,我也没有仔细验证过,在使用之前您可以先在测试环境进行测试。