Upgrading ADDS from 2012 R2 to 2019

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Please share if any compatibility matrix has been prepared showing good deal of details showing the changes for hardcoded limits set on the new os version which could impact environments ....

NTLM, SMB, LDAP Query results etc....




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The two prerequisites to introducing the first 2019 domain controller are that domain functional level needs to be 2008 or higher and older sysvol FRS replication needs to have been migrated to DFSR


I'd use dcdiag / repadmin tools to verify health correcting all errors found before starting any operations. Then stand up the new 2019, patch it fully, license it, join existing domain, add active directory domain services, promote it also making it a GC (recommended), transfer FSMO roles over (optional), transfer pdc emulator role (optional), use dcdiag / repadmin tools to again verify health, when all is good you can decommission / demote old one.






@Dave Patrick 

I am thinking similar to what was done when 2012/2012 R2 were released