Upgrade windows server 2016 to 2019 , Evaluation ISO is not prompt for a license key during the inst

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Hi all ,
Is there a way to do upgrade from windows server 2016 standard licensed ( no EVALUTAION) to windows server 2019 using ISO method without the need to activate it in a second moment once the upgrade is over ? During the Upgrade/Installation Wizard , no prompt for a license key is showed !! and if I go further , I'm not able to keep my files/apps and the only option is to do a clean installation/upgrade . And I need to keep the previous installation !!

Both windows server 2016-2019 got a license key .upgrade_problem!!.jpg

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It isn't possible to perform an in-place upgrade using windows server evaluation media. Licensed media must be used.



Thank you for your reply !
Where can I find a Windows server media non Evaluation versione ?