Unattend accept eula doesn't work in server 2019

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Quick background history of the image.

My colleague created an image for openstack instances with windows server standard 2019.

My task was to create it for baremetal servers.

I took the vhdx file (because has many customization inside with applications) , inject the drivers for hp gen10 servers, convert it to wim and used it. I syspreped the image when I finished with it with the generalize and oobe and shutdown command then I wanted to use the wim file for further baremetal deployment.


Our deployment is a bit complex, but you can see the structure in the unattend file. The main thing the automation tool took the customized wim file and put the unattend file in the c:\, in the panther directory, in the sysprep directory and in the panther/unattend directory.


I spent 3 days already on to figure out wher eis the problem but I can't, I think the problem is somewhere in the logic in the unattend of I have no clue at all :(


So the f...ng screen that always come up is this:eula.jpg

This win2012r2 one come up at the boot as well, but I don't think it is a problem, we might use some customized efi thing, but it doesn't disturb anything, just let you know maybe you think different.

2019-10-10 10_21_39-Greenshot.png


This is the unattend file. (I removed the product key (MAK key) and renamed the company).


And this is the logs on the newly installed servers in the unattend panther directories. 1 2


If this 1 accept eula wouldn't come up, everything would be perfect, but with this it completely break the maas deployment :(


The windows is activated inside the wim, not sure also is it a problem or not, just for your information.


I hope somebody can figure out what is the issue :(


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Having the same issue.



Facing same issue from the 1 week i contact Microsoft people they also dont no who to reslove this..could you please help to reslove this issue