Unable to rejoin domain or connect to the domain after a while

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Hi all


Once a while a workstation can't logon to the network anymore. Giving me a domain.local 2 unverified network (event error 58).


It might be related to the DHCP/DNS. 


- Rejoin the domain is not possible.

- Logon to the domain (even admin cred.) not possible

- remove computer, remove DHCP and DNS makes no change.

- workstation ipconfig /release, arp, netsh reset, ipconfig /renew


What does make a change and it reconnects the workstation in a sec is changing the mac address of the workstation NIC.

Or exclude the ip-range of the old machines


Running a AD/DHCP/DNS role for a small office with 10 workstations. Every week one workstation goes down. Changing the mac or excluding the IP seems to solve the issue. But can't figure out what the cause of this is. I've looked and looked. Maybe looked to much and looked over it.

Can any one give me a bright idea?



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Check the Event Viewer log files for both client and server and see if you find any clue?
Are they connecting inside the company or connecting using the VPN?
It might be a network issue, so it is god idea to check log files in your router.
Are they running the latest version of Windows?

I'd check the domain controller and problem member both have the static ip address of DC listed for DNS and no others such as router or public DNS.  



Only error in log on the server is :

PTR record registration for IPv4 address [[]] and FQDN computer2.domainname.local failed with error 9004 (DNS request not supported by name server.


So deleting these records in the DNS and deleting the computer from DHCP, together with a ipconfig /release and renew seems to work.

But it doesn't explain why it will not do that automatically.