Unable to download patch for ie11 for windows 2016 - CVE-2017-8529

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I am having a problem downloading a patch for windows 2016 for my ie11. it is having a information disclosure security issue and I cannot download it.






Hope to have some advice.





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What happens when you attempt to download them?
Is there any error message?
Have you checked for the update using Windows Update?

That one is really old (2017) and was long ago superseded which is why its no longer available for download.

Internet Explorer versions information - Browsers | Microsoft Docs



Just checking if there's any progress or updates? Please don't forget to mark helpful replies.



hi Reza,

the link is broken in the two links i had and windows update did not pull this update patch.



Thank you for the clarification, this update is for the version of Microsoft Product which are no longer supported and most likely you received the update using cumulative updates and it means if you are using the supported Windows, this update is already applied in your device.

However, in the MSRC website which you shared earlier, there is an option to send feedback. If you click on the top right corner and you should see Reza_Ameri_0-1661527014185.png and when you click on it, then you should see a feedback form which you may share this concern and explain the link is missing and if you share your email, they would be able to contact you and update you on that.