Unable to connect Remote Desktop service enabled server

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I have configured following resources in Azure Portal:
  • Virtual Network (Named as VN_1)
  • 2016 Server Virtual machine (SVR2016)
  • Win10 Client Virtual machine (WIN10)
Here my intention is to configure terminal server license in SVR2016 so that multiple users (more than 2) can connect and use this machine, so I have configured the required Terminal server license in this machine.
The local network IP address of the SVR2016 is 10.0.X.X and the public IP address is 52.172.Y.Y.  Now I can able to successfully connect this server machine from WIN10 client machine with more than 2 users at the same time using local network IP address, but I can't able to connect with more than 2 users from the same machine using Public IP.
Overall the Terminal Server license is working fine in local network but it is not working through public IP address. 
Login error.png
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Along with the article mention by Clay Huang, I would also check the network security polices on the public interface and if there is a tier base policy not allowing more than the configure amount of sessions open on the public interface.

@ericjk4 @Clay Huang

Once the update windows server 2016, that issue was fixed. Now I can connect more number of users via public IP address.