Unable to active Windows Server 1909

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Good evening everyone,  I am having a problem activating Windows Server 1909.  When I installed it, I did not have a box pop up to enter the key.  When it finished installing, I entered sconfig then selected Windows Activation.  From there I selected Install Product Key.  I entered in the product key and was met with an error in the script.  0x0C004F069 On a computer running Microsoft Windows non-core edition, run 'sliu.exe 0x2a 0x0C004F069' to display the error text which basically tells me the SKU is not found.  But if I got the key from Microsoft for Windows Server 1909 how could the SKU not be found?  Anyone have thoughts on how to activate the server?

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Only microsoft can help you with this one.






@Dave PatrickWell I gave Microsoft a call, and after an hour on the phone, two people talked to, and multiple steps taken.  I am no further along in getting it activated.  The unfortunate thing, is they kept asking me to go to settings, and hit the Windows+R keys (Had to tell them the keyboard didn't have windows key, there was absolute silence for about a minute after I said that), and trying to hit the windows icon with the mouse; I kept telling them I only have a command prompt since it is Windows Server Core, not a GUI system.  I was even told there is no such thing as Windows Server Core.  So my confidence level in getting this activated with their help is not a high level.

If I was to install Windows Server 1803, activate it, then upgrade to Windows Server 1909 should the activation retain?

@Dave PatrickNo I am not using KMS to activate.  I did try and set up a KMS host earlier today, but that failed for the key that was used as I do not have any KMS keys.

You'll have to work with Microsoft to resolve these activation issues.