unable to access RDS URL on Remote Desktop/ RemoteApp but am able to browse to the URL over the web

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Hi Guys,


Users that try to access the RDS URL via Remote desktop or Remoteapp gives the following error message "Something Went wrong when we tried to sync your apps. if this keeps happening ask your admin or tech support for help." but when they type the URL within the browser it works perfectly fine.


- Certificates all are trusted and confirmed to be working


- Windows defender has been disabled for testing but no luck


- URL resolves to correct Public IP


- No replies when pining the URL or IP Address 


- COnfirmed i am using the correct URL 


All help hugely appreciated

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1- Server has RDGateway, RD Licensing and Remote Web Apps.
2- Server has The Connection Broker role
3- Server has the Remote Session Host role.


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