Two folders with the same name on the same location

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I have a very strange problem. Today a user send me a screenshot telling me that he can see a folder with Windows File Explorer but not with Total Commander. I went directly to the place where it should be and he was completely right!

I've logged in with the administrator account in the server and the same thing happens so it's not a network issue.

Then I've tried with CMD and the same thing happens: the folder is listed with Explorer but NOT in the CMD.

So I tried copying the folder in Explorer and pasting it on Total Commander. The system copied the folder... but didn't show up on the destination. I've copied it to the root folder of the C drive, and there it copied the folder WITH ANOTHER NAME (content appears to be the original one).

Then I tried creating the folder with Total Commander and copying the content of the original folder with copy and paste, and now the folder is displayed correctly on TC. But Explorer shows me TWO folders with EXACTLY THE SAME NAME! (When I created the folder in TC, and because the name is long and complex, I've copied and pasted the NAME of the folder so I'm COMPLETELY SURE that the name is THE SAME).

Also, both TC and CMD shows one folder, and Explorer shows two folders with the same name.  Explorer shows different time stamp on both folders.

To make things worst, I've configured DFS to duplicate the complete data folder in another server, and in that server, I have the same problem!


What can I do? What MUST I do?

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Might right-click\Properties and check the location / path (true name). It's possible there's a desktop.ini in there altering the apperance of the folder.




Thanks @Dave Patrick! It was desktop.ini meddling with the name. You are my personal "today's hero"!

Glad to hear, you're welcome.


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@Dave Patrick Do you have any idea HOW this sort of things can happen?

Remember each folder view setting could effect this.



Yes, I know, but how can I change the name of the folder that Explorer is showing? All the options I know are for hidden/not hidden, list, icons, columns, and the like. But there's no place to say "change the name of the file I'm looking at, but don't change the actual folder name"

I think you can do via;



Some limited info here also




@Dave Patrick 

Yes, that is exactly what the desktop.ini file had. But how did it get modified? Nobody MANUALLY edited the file. So there should be a way to change that value without opening the ini file

If the problem continues you may need to do a network capture to see the source and process making changes.