Tuning Server to receive traffic of 10Gbps of files sent over UDP (not SMB/NFS etc.).

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I have three issues.

* The first one is:

How to tune my windows 2016 standard to be handle:

1. Tune my server Receive 10Gbps of UDP traffic(The traffic is any size of files sent over UDP by dividing every file to chunks of 64k and regroup them at target).

2. Tune my server to write this files(every file chunk by chunk).


Server need to be handle traffic of non stop of 10Gbps without loss of UDP packet(chunk loss mean loss all file). 


 * The second issue is loss UDP data for even 1Gbps traffic when locally logon to windows server 2016(loss not appear when connecting using RDP).


* Last issue is out of order UDP packets after 32767 packets. same data:

1. UDP Packet size is 62k.

2. Every packet have sequence number.

The problem is that in same cases(it case be seen when logon locally to the server(locally not using RDP)) I receive packet after 32767 packets. for example: Receive packets in that order 1,3,4.... 32766 ,32767, 2, 32768.(here packet number 2 receive unorderd) Way?

62k * 32767 is ~2GB. Is any cyclic buffer with default size of 2GB use for traffic in windows 2016?

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