The virtual desktop template must be in a stopped state

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My setup:

  • Active Directory with DNS and DHCP
  • RDS Server with Connection Broker, Virtualization Host and Web Access installed
    • Virtual machine-based desktop deployment

Steps how I create a virtual desktop:

  1.  Install Windows 10 Enterprise
  2.  Enable local administrator account and delete the old user account created
  3.  Change DNS Server to the Active Directory I have set up
  4.  Configuring (like installing a browser)
  5.  Running Sysprep with Generalized turned on and shutdown options set to "Shutdown"


I already made sure, that the Virtualization Host can ping the active directory and vice versa. I have checked that the virtual desktop is shut down too.

I would really appreciate if anyone can help me, I'm trying to figure out what the problem is for days

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Did you ever find out what your issue was.  I am having the exact same problem and cant figure it out.  I have rebuilt everything multiple times and still have the same issue.  The only servers I did not rebuild were my Virtualization Hosts.  They are a cluster of Hyper-V servers configured with Cluster Storage.  So it is not easy to rebuild them.  I'm starting to thin k that is where my issue maybe though.  Any insight you may have is appreciated!

I cannot tell you if you have to rebuild the servers for your Virtualization Hosts. But I've setup 2 VMs (one is an AD, other one the Virtualization Host). I've reset and setup them over and over, but that didn't work, just one time but I've setup nothing different than the other ones, I even compared the settings, the DNS Setup and the VDI Templates, but I couldn't find any differences. And that's when I've posted this discussion
I hope, that I could help you out