The RDP service is operational, but it's not listening on port 3389

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We have a Windows Server 2022 system and we are facing a significant issue with RDP freezing. The "umrdpservice" and "termservice" services are running without any problems, but when using the "netstat" command, it shows that the server is not listening on port 3389, which is the standard RDP port. I've tried various solutions, but the problem has persisted for a year, even though I regularly update the system. I've taken actions like increasing the session limit, but with no success. This issue is accompanied by an event log message:

"RD Session Host Server session creation failed. The relevant status code was Only one usage of each socket address (protocol/network address/port) is normally permitted."


However, this warning doesn't seem to contain specific information, as there is no second service that would be using the same port. The problem is that RDP connections can unexpectedly disconnect even up to 30 times a day, without any specific pattern in terms of timing.


Please assist in finding a solution to this problem. It's worth noting that this issue is only present on Windows Server 2022, while versions 2019 and earlier do not experience these problems.

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