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The process termsvcs on my server running Server 2016 continues to be a memory hog. We were consistently in the high 90% on memory usage, so I got rid of alot of unnecessary programs and services that we did not use hoping that would fix the issue. However, we continue to be in the high 90%, as termsvcs continues to grow in memory usage as I delete other programs and services. Is there any settings for termsvcs to help with memory usage? Thank you.


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Might also want to look at the number of users and what programs they might be running.



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I have about 15 users logged into the server remotely at the same time. 

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May need to look at what users are running, and total RAM. This PowerShell might help.






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Even after I removed a couple users, I thought that would help, but then termsvcs just takes whatever extra memory was left by the removed users, so my server is still at 96-99%. Anyway to limit termsvcs from taking all the extra memory?

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I have 15 users logged into my Terminal Server now.


Sounds like this may be a minimal amount of RAM, may need to consider adding more.




This does not sound right.

I just checked some of our RD Session Hosts and for 16 logged on users the RAM usage sits at 8GB to 9GB with trmsvcs using roughly 350MB - 400MB.

All Session Hosts are configured with Windows Server 2016 and 16GB RAM each. All users using Office, Browser and some LOB-Apps.


I would check for problematic software, drivers or configuration. If you are using a 3rd party antivirus, try removing it and test if the problem goes away.

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How many sockets and virtual processors do you have. My server is setup with 8 Sockets and 16 Virtual Processors with 48GB RAM. This seems like way too much "power" for the amount of users that I have. My users mainly do email, browser, and a couple third party applications so it's not overkill. Wondering if there is somewhere else I can look for a "memory leak" or a bug that may be compromising my resources. Thanks for any additional feedback you may have. I appreciate it.

Tim, nice to meet you!! I have de same problem on my server 2016, and like your server has too much power. Can you found a solution? thanks!!
Have the same issue here, there is little info out there about how termsvcs uses memory.
Did anything find out if it was due to programs/drivers that can cause this to grow?
It doesnt seen related to the users as we can see they applications they are running in the resource manager.
Trying to understand what causes the RDS service to grow in its memory use and how do you troubleshoot its memory use in more detail?