System insights missing from Hyper-V edition


Hey there

It seems to me that feature System-Insights is missing from the "free" Hyper-V server. Are there any ways to sideload the feature? I have access to OEM / Retail media as well which do include this, however I'd be happiest with some possible "most official" fixes - like built in PS commands rather than messing inside registry. Image downloaded yesterday from Eval Center and

This seems directly related to:
MS suggest using this original media as a workaround and not activating it, however I'm in doubt how is this a fix if someone intends to use Essentials or Hyper-V edition.

Any suggestions where to look for?


Alex P

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Hey Dave

Im quite familiar with system insights and I love the feature - id Just want to know how would I enable it on hyperv edition (the one thats automatically activated and free for use). I would need some guidance on adding it as it's missing from the default feature list. I haven't found any relevant info in the docs about this scenario, or maybe I have just missed it?

You could try the mentioned PowerShell.

Add-WindowsFeature System-Insights -IncludeManagementTools




Hello Dave! 

Have you tried running this cmdlet on Hyper-V edition of Windows Server? I can't get this to work. It seems to me most of critical management features are not there in Hyper-V edition, including - to my surprise, DSC - let alone System Insights. 

@Dave Patrick Thanks for the link

I have been building some tooling for Windows Server management and to my surprise Hyper-V edition is seriously lacking compared to full version in terms of manageability. Windows 10 is far more manageable than this fellow ;) . What's worse, it seems completely undocumented as well. I have been trying to run DSC scripts for this - no avail - core DLLs are missing. Same goes with System Insights and select other features. Do you know if Windows Server Product Team has some sort of "feature comparision" between Hyper-V edition and standard one, in terms of usable roles and features? Or is there a hidden documentation somewhere?