Swapping licence keys from an educational Active Directory and Exchange and SQL Servers later

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Howdy all -
I have a question and I'm hoping someone can help me. We are setting up an educational Active Directory, Exchange, and some SQL Servers with our educational MSDN Enterprise licenses - and we are going to get "real" licenses after our procurement order date in May. However, I'm nervous that if we have to switch out the licenses for those, would we have to rebuild active directory and exchange for each of the test sets?


My question is really ... is that the case? Would we have to rebuild Active Directory, Exchange,  (and / or the SQL Servers) if we want to "plug in" our new license? I'm sorry if this a noob question, but I need to know to be better prepared down the line after we get them in May. If it's no big deal - that would be awesome and we can not have to worry about more work down the line.


Can anyone help me?




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I know its not supported to convert a domain controller from evaluation to full. I'd suggest starting a case here with VS subscriber support.