SVCHOST 100% CPU on Server 2016 every 70 minutes

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Have a strange problem that started on the 14 July, roughly every 70 minutes our virtual file server CPU process percentage ramps up to  99% -100% for about 5 minutes causing slow access problems. I have checked for any scheduled tasks, checked if windows defender is doing anything but can't find the cause. unfortunately it's on a process that has 15 services linked to it so not sure which is causing the problem. I will be running SFC and DISM scans over the weekend to see if they find anything, as well as rebooting the Host, but does anyone have any other ideas I can try please.

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Might also try Resource Monitor for more granularity.



@Dave PatrickThanks had forgot about Resource Manager will see what it say tomorrow.

Sounds good, you're welcome.


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@Dave PatrickManaged to find the service that is causing the cpu 100% issue, MpsSvc - Windows Firewall, now all I have do do is find out why.

@Dave Patrick  Decided to keep monitoring it and it would seem that the problem is netsvcs, the latest slow down had the cpu usage against the BrokerInfrastructure Service so not sure were to look now.

If you happen to have anti virus installed there may be some conflicts, in which case I'd reach out to the anti virus vendor.